Monday, February 9, 2015

KrAzY LoVe

Hi Everyone,

So glad you stopped by today.

I have a fun project to share with you today.

For this project I started with a styro foam heart that I cut out of a square piece of styrofoam.

I paper mache'd the heart with newspaper and paper towel.

I had to let this dry overnight.

Once it was dry I covered the heart in Art Anthology Gesso.

Next I chose my colors. I didn't choose traditional Valentine's Day colors.

kKI used Art Anthology Sorbet Dimensional Paints in Imperial, and Baby Blue Eyes, and Art Anthology Velvet Dimensional Paint in Lime Aid

I painted the colors with the pattern I wanted starting with the Imperial, then the Baby Blue Eyes, then the Lime Aid

I then reached for my Art Anthology Gesso and with my fingertip I applied it around the edges of each color because I wanted a softer look.

I then took a white paint marker and outlined all of the edges of the different colors, I did the same with a fine line black marker.

Next I grabbed my chipboard letters.

I gesso'd the letters then grabbed Art Anthology Colorations Sprays in Patience and Grape Soda.
I misted until I had the colors I wanted.
Then I grabbed my Art Anthology Dottie Stencil and I used Gesso to apply the dots to the top of the misting on the O and the E, and I used Art Anthology Dimensional Sorbet in Big Dip O' Ruby for the L and the V.  I also outlined the edges of the letters with a black pen

I used the black pen to outline the circle pattern from the stencil and this really made the dots pop

Ok now lets get funky...I grabbed my roll of black and white checkered duct tape and tore a piece off that would fit around the outside edge of the heart. I then painted the chipboard letters for KRAZY in black and outlined them in white and along with the LOVE I adhered them to the top of the heart...

hmm...still not quite funky enough for me...I grabbed my black gel pen and decided to add black squares to the white lines I had added earlier...And yes...that is exactly what it needed.

I had so much fun making this project. Hope it inspires you to go make something fun and funky for Valentine's Day or any day.

Thanks so much for stopping by today.


  1. LOVE this Monica. It is funky fabulicious !!!!*÷*

  2. LOVE this Monica. It is funky fabulicious !!!!*÷*