Saturday, February 21, 2015

Up Up and to Away

Hello Beautifuls...

Monica here today to share with you my project for this week...

We were prompted to create a project this week with the theme being Inventions.

I grew up in Northern California very close to the Napa Valley.
I can remember from way way back, seeing the hot air balloons flying over on beautiful sunny days. I have always loved them so I decided to do my project with a hot air balloon theme...

Here is a picture of the completed piece...

Now let me tell you what you will need.

11x14 Canvas
Art Anthology Stucco Texture Paste
Art Anthology Colorations Sprays in the following colors...
Grape Soda
Wild Orchid
Cinnamon Toast
Hot Air Balloon Printout
Gel Medium

The first thin I did was use a palette knife to apply the Stucco Texture Paste randomly to a piece of mixed media paper. I did this not only to create texture, but also because I knew the mists would react differently to the texture paste and the canvas background.

I had my map and balloon printed out and after the texture paste dried I figured out where I wanted to place them.

I adhered the printouts to the paper using gel medium.

Next I grabbed my Art Anthology Colorations Sprays in the colors I listed above and I started misting...I started at the top with the Warm and the Cinnamon Toast and let it drip down along the sides where I had put the texture paste.

I then started to add the Grape Soda and Wild Orchid...then the Guacamole. I just kept misting in different areas where I wanted the specific colors.

So you can see here how the colors react differently to where the paste is, and where it is just the paper. I love the variation.
I kept misting until I had the look I was going for

Next I grabbed a regular state map and cut out an area and started misting wit the Colorations in Warm, Timeless, and Cinnamon Toast.

I knew I was going to adhere the piece to an 11x14 canvas so I tore the map into strips to frame it once I adhered it to the canvas.

Before I adhered it to the canvas, I went to my sewing machine to add some stitching detail to the sides of the balloon and the map. I love the look this added. I then adhered the piece to the canvas using glue, and used gel medium to apply the torn map strips to the canvas to frame the main piece.

I added the date of the first manned air balloon flight at the top.

and the rest at the bottom.
Here is another picture of the completed canvas.

I had a lot of fun with this project and I love that I was able to achieve a vintage look using the Art Anthology products.

I hope you have a fantastic week and thanks for stopping by.

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