Friday, February 6, 2015

The Heart Knows No Time

Hello Gorgeousess...

Hope you have all had a FaBuLoUs week and Happy Friday....

I'm here to share with you a Love inspired project...after all, February is the month of LOVE....

This project was very easy to do and the outcome is just what I wanted...

Here you can see the completed canvas

Now let me share with you what you will need, and how you can achieve a beautiful vintage Love inspired canvas.

 You will need:
7x14 canvas
Art Anthology Gesso
Art Anthology Colorations Spray in Salted Caramel and Cinnamon Toast
Variety of White paper flowers
Vintage Papers
Vintage Lace/crochet ribbon
Clock parts and gears
Scrap Canvas
Scrap Burlap
Sheer Lace
Hot glue gun and glue.
Spray bottle filled with water.

So the first thing I did was pick out the lace and papers I wanted to use.
I used a matte gel medium to adhere them down randomly to the canvas, letting some of the lace hang over the edge and also not concerned with adhering the edges of the paper.
Remember you are going for a worn vintage look. Just keep layering until you are happy with how your canvas looks.

Next I added the paper flowers in the upper right and lower left parts of the canvas.
Now get your scrap canvas and burlap and cut two hearts...Glue them down to the canvas with a hot glue gun, offsetting to each other.
I had a sheer lace that I cut and adhered to the inside of the canvas heart with the matte medium, just to give it another layer.

Ok now, grab your hot glue gun and start randomly spider webbing hot glue on top of the canvas...You want it to look stringy and very random...Once you have everything the way you like it, grab your Art Anthology Gesso and start covering everything in gesso. Just lay it all over your canvas...Now be patient and let this dry, and by all means use your heat gun. Here;s a shot of my canvas at this stage in the process.

Once it's dry you will want to get out your clock parts and gears and start laying them out on your canvas to your liking...I used a clear glue to place mine. I didnt use the hot glue gun because I wanted to be able to move them around while the glue was drying if necessary. I also had some metal brads that I placed around the flowers to give it some more interest.

Now go ahead and grab your spray bottle with water, and spray at the very top of the canvas, so it drips down...Now grab your Art Anthology Colorations Spray in Cinnamon Toast and do the same. Spray just at the top of the canvas and let it flow down with the water...It doesn't take much. I alternated between the water and the Cinnamon Toast until I got the look I wanted. I also added a few sprays of Salted Caramel just for a more aged effect. My canvas was quite wet at this point so I actually left it overnight to dry.

I needed the hearts to stand out more so I sprayed some of the Cinnamon Toast on my Art Anthology Craft Mat and used a brush to go around the edges of the hearts. I also did this around the outside edges of the canvas. I used white cardstock and alpha stamps and stamped my phrase onto the paper  then inked the edges and adhered them.

Here's another look at the completed canvas.

Thank you for stopping by the Art Anthology blog today and I hope this project inspires you to go play with some Art Anthoogy sprays and gesso and lace and papers. Have a great weekend and Happy Valentine's Day in advance.

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