Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Documented Life Project 2015 week 2 prompt - Gesso - The Beginning is Always Today

Hello Gorgeousess....

I got half of my spread for week 2 done this evening...the background is started on the 2nd half, I'm just playing around with what to do...but I did get one side done...

Gesso... -  Awesome stuff...I use it CONSTANTLY...I love it for texture, background base, stamping...I mean really the possibilities are endless....

To begin this prompt I covered both pages of my journal with gesso...while it was still wet I squeezed out a small amount of bright pink on each page then misted lightly with water so it was more fluid and would mix well...

I used a brush to move the gesso and paint around until I was happy with the result. Got out my trusted heat gun so I could keep going.

Next I grabbed my water soluble oil pastels...Can I just tell you that these pastels were so danged affordable and they are so rich and creamy and vibrant in their color. I know there are more expensive products out there but these were 12 bucks and I have had them for a few years now and I just love them. You can get them here... Portfolio Water Soluble Oil Pastels

So I just started adding color. First the 3 circles for the flowers, then some orange and yellow, then that delicious blue/green color. I blended the colors in by dabbing my finger tips in gesso to give it a bit of a muted look. I also used water in some places. I just kept playing with the gesso and water and oil pastels until I got the look I wanted.

The letters for the words I actually cut out from scrapbooking paper. I picked up an awesome pad last week at Hobby Lobby for 40% off and I love this paper. I did have to use a pen for some of the letters and I used a black painters pen that I picked up on the craft isle at Walmart. They come in all kinds of colors and I will definitely be getting more because frankly I'm tired of my sharpies drying out on me when I'm in the middle of doodling or writing. Again these pens are very affordable and they are sold individually so you can choose which ones you want. I did some random stamping then just framed up the edges with some more color and it was done.

Ill post pictures of the other side of the page when I get that done. (hopefully tomorrow)

Thanks for stopping by today and remember. Every day is a new Today so every Today is a good day to Begin.

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